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Log the Output from your MSBuild Tasks

In an automated build process, you always need logs as reference for troubleshooting because the task is scheduled and running under the context of a different user, so you won’t be able to see console output. If you use MSBuild … Continue reading

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How much time does a method take to run?

I frequently run into the situation where I quickly want to learn how fast one method or section of code runs in my unit testing.  Here’s a quick and dirty way to get it done:   long startTime = DateTime.Now.Ticks; … Continue reading

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WCF: System.ServiceModel.AddressAccessDeniedException: HTTP could not register URL

If you are getting the “Your process does not have access rights to this namespace” error after switching your WCF service to run under a different account, try the following: 1) Install the Windows support tools from your Windows 2003 … Continue reading

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Add your WebControls to your Web.Config to Simplify References

Ever get sick of repeating the same user control registrations at the top of your user controls, pages, and master pages within your web application?  If so, you might want to try the following to save your self from all … Continue reading

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Dynamically Instantiate Objects from Another Assembly within the Current AppDomain

Reflection is one of the coolest features in .Net.  But to support instantiation of objects from different assemblies within your application domain requires a little finagling:   // try this assembly first; full className e.g. MyNameSpace.Pattern.MyClass Type typeToCreate = Type.GetType(className); … Continue reading

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June 2008 Issue of TechNet Magazine: IT Toolbox

The June 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine is out on the website. Check out my IT Toolbox column here: In this issue I covered: NetSupport Notify Make announcements over the network NetOptics: Teeny Tap Monitor your network DTweak Pro Optimize your computer … Continue reading

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