Visual Studio: Team Foundation Server: Workspace Already Exists Error

If you ever have the joyous experience of having to revert back to Visual Studio 2005 and you are using Team Foundation Server as your source control system, you may encounter a workspace error message akin to “workspace already exists on computer”.

This is sometimes due to the cached settings on your system. To clean this up, try the following:

SET TFAppData=%USERPROFILE%\LOCAL Settings\Application DATA\Microsoft\Team Foundation
IF EXIST "%TFAppData%\1.0\Cache" rd /s /q "%AppDataTF%\1.0\Cache" > NUL
IF EXIST "%TFAppData%\2.0\Cache" rd /s /q "%AppDataTF%\2.0\Cache" > NUL
IF EXIST "%TFAppData%\3.0\Cache" rd /s /q "%AppDataTF%\3.0\Cache" > NUL
tf workspaces /s:http://mytfserver:8080/

Note: “tf.exe” must be in your path.  If not, just add the full path to the .exe.  Also, this currently shows cache paths for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010

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