Physical to Virtual Disk with Disk2vhd – Online

Have you ever wanted to convert a physical HDD to a VHD?  One cool utility from Sysinternals / Microsoft is Disk2vhd. Disk2vhd lets you keep your machine online and take a snapshot of a physical disk as a Microsoft VHD.  You can then mount that VHD in your virtual server of choice like Oracle’s VirtualBox.  Here’s the link to the utility:

Disk2vhd: Physical to Virtual VHD

Disk2vhd - Physical to Virtual Disk Snaphot

Disk2vhd – Physical to Virtual Disk Snaphot

Be sure to select the System Reserved partition in addition to the main operating system drive if you plan to boot the .VHD.

Disk2vhd has been around since 2010, but it is still a great tool.  Hope this helps.

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