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IT Toolbox: TechNet Magazine June 2013

The June IT Toolbox column is up on the TechNet Magazine website. In June, I covered these products: LogMeIn Pro: Secure remote access to both Macs and PCs over the Web SniffPass Version 1.13: Sniff out POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP … Continue reading

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Using findstr.exe to Parse Text Files – Simple “grep” for Windows

The DOS command findstr.exe can help you …find strings… in text files. In conjunction with a for loop and tokenization, you can perform actions on the match results. For example, the following command finds the string “Delivery Status Notification” in … Continue reading

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T-SQL: Rebuild or Reorganize Indexes for All Tables in a Database

Using the handy-dandy hidden Microsoft goodie “sp_msForEachTable”, you can easily rebuild all indexes on all tables in a user database with a one line command. Here’s how: — To rebuild with the default fill-factor EXECUTE sp_msForEachTable ‘SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON; ALTER … Continue reading

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