T-SQL: Count of Tables, Stored Procedures, and Functions in All User Databases

This query uses the undocumented Microsoft stored procedure master.sys.sp_MSforeachdb to iterate over all user databases (user databases always start with IDs > 4) and count the number of tables, stored procedures and functions. You can use this same pattern to count other object types as well.

EXECUTE master.sys.sp_MSforeachdb '
IF (DB_ID(''?'') > 4)
    ''?'' As DatabaseName, 
    CASE xtype
      WHEN ''u'' THEN ''Table''
      WHEN ''p'' Then ''Procedure''
      WHEN ''fn'' THEN ''Function''
    As Type, 
    Count(*) As Count 
  FROM ?.sys.sysobjects 
    xtype IN (''u'', ''p'', ''fn'')  
  GROUP BY xtype

Hope this helps!

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