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T-SQL: Find Out Who Has Locks In Your Databases

Here are a couple of ways to see who is locking up your SQL Server database. First, the undocumented system stored procedure sp_who2 gives you a few more columns than the documented sp_who. And second, this custom query gives a … Continue reading

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Azure PowerShell: Copy All Files in Blob Storage to Local Directory

Here’s a Azure PowerShell script that downloads all blobs in a storage container to your local disk:   $storageAccountName = "mysuperstorage" $containerName = ‘my-blobs’ $destinationFolder = ‘C:\temp\my-blobs’   New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $destinationFolder   Login-AzureRmAccount   $storageAccountContext = (Get-AzureRmStorageAccount … Continue reading

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