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Configure IIS 7 to Listen on Specific IP Addresses with Netsh

If you are trying to run multiple types of web servers on a single Windows server, you may have noticed that IIS locks onto all of the available IP addresses on the system by default.  You can easily remedy this … Continue reading

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ASP.Net: App_Offline.htm as a Maintenance Page

While Googling about, I came upon an oldy-but-goody, that apparently has been available since the release of ASP.Net 2.0: App_Offline.htm. An undocumented feature, you can copy a file called app_offline.htm into the root of your .Net website and the application … Continue reading

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WordPress on Windows with IIS7 and FastCGI PHP Upgrade Error

One way to fix an error like “PHP Warning: touch(): Unable to create file /tmp/wordpress-3.tmp because No such file or directory in…” in your WordPress installation on Windows 2008 with IIS7. Continue reading

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Binding Apache and IIS both to Port 80 on Different IPs / Same NIC

If you need to run IIS 6.0 and Apache 2.2.* side-by-side on the same Windows server machine, you most likely are trying to bind apache to one IP address and IIS to another.  If you have multiple IPs bound to … Continue reading

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Recycle an Application Pool from the Command Line

Sometimes it is a whole lot nicer to recycle the specific Application Pool of concern rather than recycling IIS with “iisreset”. There is a handy script in %windir%\system32 called iisapp.vbs and you can just run : D:\>C:\WINDOWS\System32\iisapp.vbs /a “My Pool” … Continue reading

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